Saturday, January 19, 2013

Draw Sentence

Hey y'all!

Take a look at the really cool website Draw Sentence created by some of the creators of Sly the Fly! You know telephone games? Where a lot of people pass sentences to each others and try to stay to the original meaning!?

Draw Sentence goes further and lets you draw the sentences of your friends! The next player has to guess a sentence from what you drew, and this goes to infinity, creating the most hilarious stories!

Give it a go, it's so much fun!

The main screen lets you join games you like

Monday, January 7, 2013

Started Work on Sly the Fly 1.1

After a long time without much going on we finally decided to put a little work into Sly the Fly again. The next update will change a lot! Amongst others, we decided to get rid of single levels and instead make the game lots easier with just an endless mode where you hunt for points.

To keep you motivated, global highscores and statistics will be available, just as well as upgrades, achievements, items and more!

In the process of redoing big parts of the game, we'll hopefully also be able to post code and graphics snippets for people interested in game development.

Stay tuned!